The Most Important Hair Dryer Attachments

Blow drying is an inevitable part of hair styling and hair care. However, if the right technique is not used, people can actually doThe Most Important Hair Dryer Attachments their hair more harm than good. There are so many tutorials on the internet that teach people how to blow dry their hair. Sadly, only a few are on point. Blow drying is as much about technique as it is about the attachments. Also, do not forget to apply some kind of hair protectant before blow drying the hair to save them from the heat. Using the right attachment will not only take care of the hair, but will also make it easier to style the hair. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most important hair dryer attachments that are a must in any hair lover’s styling kit.

Concentrator Nozzle

This is the most basic attachment for any hair dryer. As the name suggests, this nozzle helps the dryer produce a concentrated blast of air. This directed air helps in drying the hair in a more efficient way. The air that comes out from a normal dryer goes out in every direction, making it really difficult to style the hair in the manner you want. On the other hand, the air concentrated with the help of this nozzle makes the hair smoother by keeping the cuticles from rising up. Cuticle forms the outermost layer of the hair. It covers the hair strands much like shingles cover a roof. A dryer without an attachment will blow air in all directions and make the cuticle rise. This makes the hair frizzy, which then get tangled easily. This attachment, however, makes the cuticle stay smooth, look shinier and more manageable as well.

A concentrator nozzle does one other job, which is extremely beneficial for the hair. Now, the shaft of the blower gets really heated up while blowing out air. If this comes in contact with the hair, it can burn the hair, causing permanent damage. The nozzle protects the hair from direct heat and keeps them from getting damaged.

Diffuser Nozzle

A diffuser nozzle diffuses the air coming out of the blow dryer. By doing this, it reduces the speed at which the hot air is hitting the hair. So, how is it helpful? It sends out the heat, but in soft gushes of air. This dries out the hair, but does not make them lose the wave effect. This effect cannot be achieved by using the direct use of a blow dryer. Thus, diffuser nozzle works best with wavy or curly hair. This attachment looks like a big disc with many nozzles. Just place the diffuser below the hair and let the dryer do its job.

The diffuser nozzle can also be used to curl the hair. All you need to do is apply some hair styling product and twist the air, depending on the type of curls you want. Once done, use the diffuser nozzle to dry the hair, while also setting the hairstyle. The diffuser nozzle also keeps the frizz in the hair at bay. Since the air flow has been reduced, the cuticles of the hair remain smooth and frizz-free.

The Pick

There are a lot of sizes and shapes in which picks are available in the market today. The job of a pick attachment is to create volume. To get the best results, try and hold the blow dryer at an angle to the hair. Just turn the pick a little and it will make it easier to detangle and have a good blow dry effect. People with long hair should use long picks, while those with shorter hair should go for shorter ones. This attachment keeps the hair tangle-free and also lends it a lot of volume.


There are many brands out there which offer straightener attachments with their blow dryers. These attachments have a comb like structure, which make them easy to be used on the hair to straighten them without any assistance. Remember to use heat protection and conditioner on the hair, because straightening the hair means using a lot of heat to break the bonds in the hair.

Adapter Nozzle

Though not very common, this nozzle will make your hair dryer more versatile. Once you have put this attachment on the hair dryer, you do not need to worry about which brand or make of attachments you buy, each one of them will fit. This property of this nozzle makes it an important attachment to have in your tool kit.

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