The Advantages of Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

Wall Mounted hair dryers are generally found in professional salons and beauty parlors. This says something about the The Advantages of Wall Mounted Hair Dryersperformance of these hair dryers. They deliver high quality results and that too consistently. Wall-mounted hair dryers are often not the first choice for domestic use. It is their size, which makes them difficult to carry, that prevents them from sweeping off the entire market. However, it should be noted that many wall mounted hair dryers have become compact, and are now a perfect fit for homes and beauty stations of different dimensions. They are also available in different designs. There are many advantages to buying a wall-mounted hair dryer as compared to a hand blower. Here are a few that you should keep in mind the next time you are on the hunt for a hair dryer.


Easier to Use

Since one end of the wall-mounted hair dryers is fixed, they become very easy to use. There is a long cord attached to these dryers that makes it effortless to maneuver them. Also, this hair dryer does not shut off accidently, unlike the handheld hair dryers, because of a plug dropping out of a socket. They are fixed in one place with a constant power supply and the user can make it work anyway they want.



This is one of the biggest benefits of wall mounted bonnet hair dryers over a regular handheld hair dryer. This equipment allows people to sit and relax in one place while they comfortably get their hair done. The hands-free blow dryer allows you to multitask. Even during a hair drying session, you can read, write or even take care of some other business. This is a great tool in today’s time, when people are always finding ways to squeeze out extra time to do a million other things from their to-do list. Other than that, since the hood is all around the hair, it gives a much better drying and styling experience. Less work and better result, who would not want that!


More Powerful

These hair dryers are specifically designed for professional use. It goes without saying that they are built for high performance, and survive years of constant abuse. They come with more powerful machinery than a regular hand blower and therefore, are much more efficient. Also, they are usually highly durable.


Save Space

Initially, wall mounted hair dryers were designed for hotels, airplanes and other such settings. So, these machines were required to be compact, so that they can snugly fit into any space. Not only this, once the wall mounted hair dryer has been fitted onto the wall, the space on the dressing table can also be freed up to keep your other accessories.


Safety Features

The professional nature and long use of these kind of dryers have allowed them to evolve significantly over the years. Their design has been optimized and they have been made more user-friendly with time. The wall-mounted hair dryers are also shockproof. So, it is very safe to use the equipment at homes.


Unique Features

Wall mounted hair dryers make little to no noise during operation. This is in quite a contrast to the handheld dryers, which make so much noise. This is a pretty big deal in a salon or a spa, since other customers are not disturbed by one person’s hair drying session. Many of the wall-mounted hair dryers also have beautiful night lights installed in them. This is again a feature that comes from their traditional use in airlines and hotels.


Automatic Controls

Wall-mounted hair dryers usually have the on or off button at the base. So, when the user is done using them, they simply need to place the dryer back in its position and it will shut off. Automatic controls are always a welcome addition to any kind of equipment.

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