How to Pick the Best Travel Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are an important component of every woman’s travel kit. No amount of hair gels, shampoos, and conditioners, can How to Pick the Best Travel Hair Dryersimitate the benefits offered by hair dryers. A good hair dryer should be able to untangle hairs, make them shiny and smooth, help them style easily, and keep them healthy. If your hair dryer in not able to do any of these, then it’s time you replace that. This brings us to the question – which one is the best hair dryer? But, to find the best hair dryer, you should start asking the right questions.


What Type of Hair Do You Have?

If you have naturally curly and frizzy hair, then you need a hair dryer that frees your hair from frizzes in a gentle manner. Ceramic and titanium technology hair dryers provide the gentle heat that smoothens your hair, without overheating your hair. On the other hand, if you have coarse, thick and damage hair with lots of frizz, then you need a dryer equipped with ionic technology. It uses ions to neutralize the static in your hair, so that they never stick or get frizzed again.

One thing you should have understood by now is that not all hair dryers are made for everyone. But, you should also know that many hair dryers are made to meet the changing needs of the user. Suppose you have fine hair, then too hot an air can damage your hair badly. What you need is a dryer that does not produce too much heat. Your best option is to go for dryers with multiple heat settings. You can dry your hair at the lowest heat setting. The dryer with multiple speed settings also has another advantage. A medium heat setting can allow you to style your hair any way you like, every single day. Also, a dryer with multiple blowing speeds allows you to customize the drying experience to your convenience.


What Type of Hair Do You Want?

You might have naturally curly hairs, wavy ones, straight stands, or whatever. But, it’s the 21st century and you don’t have to let your genes dictate your life. You can style your hair into pretty much any type, all by yourself. You can go from wavy to curly, straight to wavy, or anything else. Many modern hairs come with accessories to help you transform your hair to your will. For instance, some hair dryers come with a diffuser included in the package. The diffuser helps you spread the heat from the dryer into a larger area. More importantly, the diffuser makes your hair curly, irrespectively of what type of hair you naturally have. Similarly, some hair dryers come with a concentrator. It focuses the heat to a specific area and expedites the drying process significantly. It also has the added effect of straightening your hair. So, whether you have curls or damaged hair, with a concentrator you can get the straight hair that you always wanted.


Can You Carry It Your Bag?

Domestic dryers come in a variety of sizes. The hair dryers that are specifically designed for travelers are designed to occupy the least possible space in the luggage, and fit easily into the smallest of travel bags. Some manufacturers achieve this by making hair dryers as compact as possible. Their compact size can translate to a trade off in the power department, but we will discuss that in the next section. Some other manufacturers make the hair dryers fold-able. The handle of these dryers can usually be folded, so that the dryer occupies much lesser space in the luggage.

Another factor that decides whether it will be easy to carry the dryer in your luggage is the dryer’s weight. If it is too heavy, then it will to too stressful on your muscles to carry it. Moreover, you don’t want to pay extra charges to the airliners every time you carry this hair dryer, just because of its weight. A good travel hair dryer should preferably weigh less than 2 pounds.


Where Are You Traveling To?

Do you travel only within the US, or to other countries as well? Many European countries and elsewhere have 220/240 Volt power supply, where the hair dryers that are built to work only on the 110/220 Volts supply of the US, do not work. Some manufacturers make hair dryers that work on both types of power supplies. Also, if you already have a hair dryer that does not support 220/240 Volt supply, then you will need to carry a converter to go with it. However, if your business or work travels are limited to within the US, you have one less thing to worry about.
When you ask these questions to yourself, the answers you give for each of them, will help you find the best hair dryer for your typical needs. It goes without saying that a dryer that has been tried and tested by other customers, which has withstood the test of time in terms of quality and durability, is what you should be looking for.

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