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Revlon RV473 Full Size Hair Dryer Review

The Revlon RV 473 is an excellent choice when you are in the market for a professional grade hair dryer, designed for people who have less voluminous hair which tend to frizz. This hair dryer addresses some very specific problems that are typical of people with less volume of hair. At just under $20, the Revlon RV 473 is a great hair dryer with all the right features. Coming from a trusted brand, there is no question about the quality of the dryer either.

Revlon RV473 Full Size Hair Dryer Review

People with low hair volumes know how difficult it is to get their hair to look voluminous. They often have to use their fingers to comb through their hair, so that the dryer’s heat reaches the entire length of the hair. However, you can get your fingers burnt with the heat of the dryer. The Revlon RV 473 solves this problem in a unique way. It comes with a diffuser, which the manufacturer rightly calls finger diffuser. This diffuser has teeth that hold your hair, so that the diffuser’s drying action reaches into every corner of the drying area. No burning of fingers and an impeccable drying experience.

The hair dryer comes with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. The heat settings let you choose between hot, warm, and cool drying. If you want a particularly cool hair drying instantly, there is a cool shot button provided for your requirement. Also, when you are short on time and need that extra hot blast of hot air to dry your hair expeditiously, there is a turbo button beside the cool shot button, which provides an extra-hot blast of hot hair. Needless to say, the turbo setting dries your hair in no time at all. The dryer produces the drying blast of at 2 speeds – high and low. Then there is the switch off button as well.

Revlon RV 473 is equipped with the tourmaline ionic technology. While the tourmaline technology generates the ions, the triple baked ceramic coating directs them to the hair without damaging them. The ionic technology offers multiple advantages. It makes the hair silky smooth and shiny. More importantly, it gets rid of the frizzes in hair by neutralizing the static in them. Thus, irrespective of whether your hair is curly, straight, or kinky, the ionic technology will keep your hair frizz-free for an entire day. In addition to all these awesome features, what makes this hair dryer special is its ability to volumize hair. The dryer makes the hair look puffy and fluffy, while also keeping them strong.

Apart from the finger diffuser, it also comes with a normal diffuser for people who only want to use the drying feature and not necessarily add volume to their hair. The back of the dryer is removable, which makes it easier to clean the dryer. One thing that the users should be careful about is that the 1875W motor on this dryer is very powerful. Also, the heat from the dryer can hurt people who have a sensitive scalp, when they are using it with the finger diffuser for adding volume to their hair. For people who do not have particularly sensitive scalp, this is a gem of a dryer.

Babyliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Extreme Review

The Babyliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Extreme hair dryer combines the traditional form with new materials and technology to provide a more powerful and effective hair drying experience. This product incorporates a number of nifty little features that make it one of the most convenient hair dryers on the market.

Babyliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Extreme Review

Let’s start with the handle. The shape of the handle is pretty much as any other hair dryer. But, what makes BAB2000 unique is its rubberized handle. The rubberized handle makes it almost impossible to drop the dryer while using. The texture feels soft and yet, provides excellent friction to the user. As a result, they have excellent grip on the dryer, while they are using it from any angle on their hair.

Although the product is marketed to come with six different settings, it actually has 5 usable ones. The sixth that the manufacturer refers to is the “off” mode for the blower speed, which many other manufacturers simply ignore. Without that, there are 2 speed settings – low and high. The high speed is not uncomfortably high, and is just right enough to dry the hair expeditiously. There are 3 heat settings – hot, warm, and cool. While the dryer is quite powerful, it does not get too hot and damage the hair. In addition to these, there is a cool shot button, which helps the users set their hair style fast.

The 2000W motor of this hair dryer is quite powerful. The A/C motor has been engineered to last many years. The dryer comes with an 8mm concentrator, which helps the users achieve perfect straight hairs. The good thing about the concentrator is that it is made of a material that does not get heated, even with the 2000W motor and ceramic blowing all the hot air through it. Therefore, you need to worry about touching it accidentally and burning your skin or hair.

The ion generator produces ions, which are released into the hair by the ceramic plate along with the far infrared heat, such that heat and ions do not damage the skin. The ions neutralize the static charge of the hair and prevent them from frizzing for as long as an entire day.

Despite the slick features, the dryer is on the heavier side and can feel bulky in hands. But, thanks to the rubberized grip, you might not even notice the extra weight in your hands, unless you have carpal tunnel or similar hand problems. Another inconvenience that can prove to be a major irritant to some users is the placement of the buttons. They are located in the exact place, where many of us will wrap our fingers and palms around the handle. Because of this, you might end up pressing them accidentally more than a few times, while you are busy drying your hair. Also, while Remington is quite a reputed brand, this particular product is known to stop working in many cases. More than a few customers, who have used this product, say that the product stopped working for no apparent reason at all.

The product does come with a number of features that are not usually found in many of its competitors. Its inconveniences are also easily overcome by its benefits. The excellent grip easily negates the weight problem, and its excellent hair drying ability more than makes up for its other minor inconveniences. It is definitely one of the better products in the market. The 2-year warranty sure does not make things better, when the industry standard is 3-4 years.