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The Most Important Hair Dryer Attachments

Blow drying is an inevitable part of hair styling and hair care. However, if the right technique is not used, people can actually doThe Most Important Hair Dryer Attachments their hair more harm than good. There are so many tutorials on the internet that teach people how to blow dry their hair. Sadly, only a few are on point. Blow drying is as much about technique as it is about the attachments. Also, do not forget to apply some kind of hair protectant before blow drying the hair to save them from the heat. Using the right attachment will not only take care of the hair, but will also make it easier to style the hair. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most important hair dryer attachments that are a must in any hair lover’s styling kit.

Concentrator Nozzle

This is the most basic attachment for any hair dryer. As the name suggests, this nozzle helps the dryer produce a concentrated blast of air. This directed air helps in drying the hair in a more efficient way. The air that comes out from a normal dryer goes out in every direction, making it really difficult to style the hair in the manner you want. On the other hand, the air concentrated with the help of this nozzle makes the hair smoother by keeping the cuticles from rising up. Cuticle forms the outermost layer of the hair. It covers the hair strands much like shingles cover a roof. A dryer without an attachment will blow air in all directions and make the cuticle rise. This makes the hair frizzy, which then get tangled easily. This attachment, however, makes the cuticle stay smooth, look shinier and more manageable as well.

A concentrator nozzle does one other job, which is extremely beneficial for the hair. Now, the shaft of the blower gets really heated up while blowing out air. If this comes in contact with the hair, it can burn the hair, causing permanent damage. The nozzle protects the hair from direct heat and keeps them from getting damaged.

Diffuser Nozzle

A diffuser nozzle diffuses the air coming out of the blow dryer. By doing this, it reduces the speed at which the hot air is hitting the hair. So, how is it helpful? It sends out the heat, but in soft gushes of air. This dries out the hair, but does not make them lose the wave effect. This effect cannot be achieved by using the direct use of a blow dryer. Thus, diffuser nozzle works best with wavy or curly hair. This attachment looks like a big disc with many nozzles. Just place the diffuser below the hair and let the dryer do its job.

The diffuser nozzle can also be used to curl the hair. All you need to do is apply some hair styling product and twist the air, depending on the type of curls you want. Once done, use the diffuser nozzle to dry the hair, while also setting the hairstyle. The diffuser nozzle also keeps the frizz in the hair at bay. Since the air flow has been reduced, the cuticles of the hair remain smooth and frizz-free.

The Pick

There are a lot of sizes and shapes in which picks are available in the market today. The job of a pick attachment is to create volume. To get the best results, try and hold the blow dryer at an angle to the hair. Just turn the pick a little and it will make it easier to detangle and have a good blow dry effect. People with long hair should use long picks, while those with shorter hair should go for shorter ones. This attachment keeps the hair tangle-free and also lends it a lot of volume.


There are many brands out there which offer straightener attachments with their blow dryers. These attachments have a comb like structure, which make them easy to be used on the hair to straighten them without any assistance. Remember to use heat protection and conditioner on the hair, because straightening the hair means using a lot of heat to break the bonds in the hair.

Adapter Nozzle

Though not very common, this nozzle will make your hair dryer more versatile. Once you have put this attachment on the hair dryer, you do not need to worry about which brand or make of attachments you buy, each one of them will fit. This property of this nozzle makes it an important attachment to have in your tool kit.

Buying Considerations for Sit Under Bonnet Hair Dryers

Bonnet hair dryers are used by professionals all across the world. They come with a hood that fits around the head of the user, which helps in styling the hair. The best thing about these hair dryers is that you do not have to strain your hands holding and maneuvering them, like with a regular hair dryer. You can set it and forget it. All you need to do is sit around, while the dryer does its job. However, these hair dryers are not usually found in homes mainly because of their size. There are many brands in the market that offer these type of dryers. There is a dizzying array of dryers in all sizes and varieties. So, here are a few factors to consider before buying a bonnet hair dryer.

Buying Considerations for Sit Under Bonnet Hair Dryers

Professional or Home Use

Initially, bonnet hair dryers were not considered for home use because of their bulky size and the amount of space they take. However, with advances in technology, these hair dryers have become significantly compact and easy to use. There are still high wattage heavy duty dryers available in the market, but new types of low wattage compact bonnet hair dryers are gaining popularity for domestic use. The former can pull a lot of electricity and attract a huge utility bill. On the other hand, the smaller and soft bonnet versions are good for domestic use because of their low power consumption. Also, high wattage dryers should be used under the supervision of a professional for safety reasons.

Different Sizes

Bonnet dryers range from the heavy, hard bonnet dryers to the light soft bonnet ones. The former definitely gives good coverage and delivers better performance. The soft bonnet dryers are also good for casual domestic use. Make sure that you check the hood size of the dryer before buying. Different roller sizes may not fit in all the hoods. So, do make it a point to see if the biggest roller size, or at least the ones that you frequently use, will fit in perfectly well.


Soft bonnet dryers or the fold-able hard bonnet dryers can be used anywhere. On the other hand, the hard bonnet dryers have a metal rod on which they stand. The height of this metal support can be adjusted according to the convenience of the user. So, if you are buying an adjustable dryer, make sure that the height of the stand is adjusted as per your convenience. Also, take care that the dryer is adjusted to a chair that the client will be seated in. If it is too high or too low, it may end up giving the client a sore neck and no one wants that.


If you are looking for a hair dryer that will work perfectly when chemicals such as hair colors are used on the hair, then pick an anti-stain variety. Check out if the inside of the hood is safe for using with the chemicals. The hood of your bonnet dryer should not get stained when the hair is colored. Also, it should last long.

Portable or Not

Professional grade hard bonnet dryers come with wheels that help in moving them from one place to another. However, before using them, make sure that you have locked in the wheels. If the bonnet dryer happens to move in the middle of a styling session, then it can end up hurting the person sitting under the hood. However, if you are a traveler, a soft bonnet hair dryer is an excellent choice. They are compact and do not take much space in the travel bag. The hard bonnet dryers also come in foldable versions that can be carried along in the luggage. But they too weigh more than the soft bonnet varieties.

Hard bonnet dryers are also not easy to store, since they are bigger in size. This poses a problem of maintenance, because improper storage may result in the parts of the machinery getting damaged, which only results in extra cost. On the other hand, foldable hard bonnet and soft bonnet dryers are relatively easier to store.

Blowers dry VS Natural Dry

When most people are faced with a decision to choose between blow drying and air drying, they generally reach a catch 22 Blowers dry VS Natural Drysituation, where there is no one clear winner. To their credit, both options come with their own pros and cons. It all comes down to the trade off a person is ready to make, which in turn, boils down to personal choice. Here is all the information on the advantages and disadvantages of using both the methods and it will help you to get a clearer picture of which method is better suited to your needs.


Effect on the health of the hair

This is one of the most important criteria for choosing a dryer. There are no two ways about it – natural drying or air drying is always better suited for hair health. Air drying locks up the moisture and keeps the cuticles intact. On the other hand, the continuous usage of heat on the hair can damage the cuticles. Cuticles provide a protective coating over the hair and damaged cuticles make the hair look dry and frizzy. With newer technology in the market, the intensity of heat produced by the dryers has reduced and the blow dryers are now much safer to use. However, no heat is always better than any heat treatment on the hair. Air drying is, therefore, a better option to maintain the health of the hair.


Time Consumption

This is where blow drying takes the cake, hands down. It is far more time-saving than air drying. It is more suited to a busy lifestyle that most people have today. Wash your hair, blow dry and you are ready to go. On the other hand, people who have long to medium hair require a couple of hours to dry. So, a person really has to wash the hair at night before and wait it out to dry by the next morning.


Effort Needed

There is no effort that goes into drying the hair via air drying. Just wash them and leave them. However, blow drying requires you to go after every lock of hair and dry it. If you have long and dense hair, it can be quite a tiring exercise. It can put strain on the wrist and fingers too. In the case of air drying, it might need a lot of effort later on to comb the hair, because of the heavy tangles and puffing up of the hair over the night.



Blow dryer is the only way to style your hair after washing them in any which way you want. You can set the hairstyle you just made and keep the shape of the hair as you like. Air dry, of course, can do nothing in this regard. Also, if the hair have been just washed, it becomes really difficult to even tie them in a ponytail and the water droplets are visible on the back, which no one wants. The hair also do not dry out evenly, making it further difficult to do any kind of styling. However, many people do find it easier to straighten hair that are air dried than those that are blow dried.



Air drying generally results in soft hair. This is a result of healthy and smooth cuticles, and the moisture that is intact in the hair. On the other hand, heavy blow drying over a long period of time can result in dry and rough hair. This can be prevented to an extent by applying cosmetics that provide protection to the hair cuticles against the heat of the blow dryer.



Blow dryer is a quick fix to hair drying needs. While it is definitely not healthier than air drying, it is a tool that is a must in the wardrobe of any hair-conscious person. So, which one is better? Blow drying or letting the hair naturally dry. Well, there is no one universal answer. When you have time to spare, air drying is definitely the way to go. It is gentle on the hair and locks in moisture. However, when you are caught up in the everyday hustle or running late for a party, have a blow dryer by your side. There are many blow dryers available in the market that mellow down the intensity of heat, so as to minimize the cuticle damage. Mix the routine and you can have the best of both the worlds.

The Advantages of Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

Wall Mounted hair dryers are generally found in professional salons and beauty parlors. This says something about the The Advantages of Wall Mounted Hair Dryersperformance of these hair dryers. They deliver high quality results and that too consistently. Wall-mounted hair dryers are often not the first choice for domestic use. It is their size, which makes them difficult to carry, that prevents them from sweeping off the entire market. However, it should be noted that many wall mounted hair dryers have become compact, and are now a perfect fit for homes and beauty stations of different dimensions. They are also available in different designs. There are many advantages to buying a wall-mounted hair dryer as compared to a hand blower. Here are a few that you should keep in mind the next time you are on the hunt for a hair dryer.


Easier to Use

Since one end of the wall-mounted hair dryers is fixed, they become very easy to use. There is a long cord attached to these dryers that makes it effortless to maneuver them. Also, this hair dryer does not shut off accidently, unlike the handheld hair dryers, because of a plug dropping out of a socket. They are fixed in one place with a constant power supply and the user can make it work anyway they want.



This is one of the biggest benefits of wall mounted bonnet hair dryers over a regular handheld hair dryer. This equipment allows people to sit and relax in one place while they comfortably get their hair done. The hands-free blow dryer allows you to multitask. Even during a hair drying session, you can read, write or even take care of some other business. This is a great tool in today’s time, when people are always finding ways to squeeze out extra time to do a million other things from their to-do list. Other than that, since the hood is all around the hair, it gives a much better drying and styling experience. Less work and better result, who would not want that!


More Powerful

These hair dryers are specifically designed for professional use. It goes without saying that they are built for high performance, and survive years of constant abuse. They come with more powerful machinery than a regular hand blower and therefore, are much more efficient. Also, they are usually highly durable.


Save Space

Initially, wall mounted hair dryers were designed for hotels, airplanes and other such settings. So, these machines were required to be compact, so that they can snugly fit into any space. Not only this, once the wall mounted hair dryer has been fitted onto the wall, the space on the dressing table can also be freed up to keep your other accessories.


Safety Features

The professional nature and long use of these kind of dryers have allowed them to evolve significantly over the years. Their design has been optimized and they have been made more user-friendly with time. The wall-mounted hair dryers are also shockproof. So, it is very safe to use the equipment at homes.


Unique Features

Wall mounted hair dryers make little to no noise during operation. This is in quite a contrast to the handheld dryers, which make so much noise. This is a pretty big deal in a salon or a spa, since other customers are not disturbed by one person’s hair drying session. Many of the wall-mounted hair dryers also have beautiful night lights installed in them. This is again a feature that comes from their traditional use in airlines and hotels.


Automatic Controls

Wall-mounted hair dryers usually have the on or off button at the base. So, when the user is done using them, they simply need to place the dryer back in its position and it will shut off. Automatic controls are always a welcome addition to any kind of equipment.

How to Pick the Best Travel Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are an important component of every woman’s travel kit. No amount of hair gels, shampoos, and conditioners, can How to Pick the Best Travel Hair Dryersimitate the benefits offered by hair dryers. A good hair dryer should be able to untangle hairs, make them shiny and smooth, help them style easily, and keep them healthy. If your hair dryer in not able to do any of these, then it’s time you replace that. This brings us to the question – which one is the best hair dryer? But, to find the best hair dryer, you should start asking the right questions.


What Type of Hair Do You Have?

If you have naturally curly and frizzy hair, then you need a hair dryer that frees your hair from frizzes in a gentle manner. Ceramic and titanium technology hair dryers provide the gentle heat that smoothens your hair, without overheating your hair. On the other hand, if you have coarse, thick and damage hair with lots of frizz, then you need a dryer equipped with ionic technology. It uses ions to neutralize the static in your hair, so that they never stick or get frizzed again.

One thing you should have understood by now is that not all hair dryers are made for everyone. But, you should also know that many hair dryers are made to meet the changing needs of the user. Suppose you have fine hair, then too hot an air can damage your hair badly. What you need is a dryer that does not produce too much heat. Your best option is to go for dryers with multiple heat settings. You can dry your hair at the lowest heat setting. The dryer with multiple speed settings also has another advantage. A medium heat setting can allow you to style your hair any way you like, every single day. Also, a dryer with multiple blowing speeds allows you to customize the drying experience to your convenience.


What Type of Hair Do You Want?

You might have naturally curly hairs, wavy ones, straight stands, or whatever. But, it’s the 21st century and you don’t have to let your genes dictate your life. You can style your hair into pretty much any type, all by yourself. You can go from wavy to curly, straight to wavy, or anything else. Many modern hairs come with accessories to help you transform your hair to your will. For instance, some hair dryers come with a diffuser included in the package. The diffuser helps you spread the heat from the dryer into a larger area. More importantly, the diffuser makes your hair curly, irrespectively of what type of hair you naturally have. Similarly, some hair dryers come with a concentrator. It focuses the heat to a specific area and expedites the drying process significantly. It also has the added effect of straightening your hair. So, whether you have curls or damaged hair, with a concentrator you can get the straight hair that you always wanted.


Can You Carry It Your Bag?

Domestic dryers come in a variety of sizes. The hair dryers that are specifically designed for travelers are designed to occupy the least possible space in the luggage, and fit easily into the smallest of travel bags. Some manufacturers achieve this by making hair dryers as compact as possible. Their compact size can translate to a trade off in the power department, but we will discuss that in the next section. Some other manufacturers make the hair dryers fold-able. The handle of these dryers can usually be folded, so that the dryer occupies much lesser space in the luggage.

Another factor that decides whether it will be easy to carry the dryer in your luggage is the dryer’s weight. If it is too heavy, then it will to too stressful on your muscles to carry it. Moreover, you don’t want to pay extra charges to the airliners every time you carry this hair dryer, just because of its weight. A good travel hair dryer should preferably weigh less than 2 pounds.


Where Are You Traveling To?

Do you travel only within the US, or to other countries as well? Many European countries and elsewhere have 220/240 Volt power supply, where the hair dryers that are built to work only on the 110/220 Volts supply of the US, do not work. Some manufacturers make hair dryers that work on both types of power supplies. Also, if you already have a hair dryer that does not support 220/240 Volt supply, then you will need to carry a converter to go with it. However, if your business or work travels are limited to within the US, you have one less thing to worry about.
When you ask these questions to yourself, the answers you give for each of them, will help you find the best hair dryer for your typical needs. It goes without saying that a dryer that has been tried and tested by other customers, which has withstood the test of time in terms of quality and durability, is what you should be looking for.