Blowers dry VS Natural Dry

When most people are faced with a decision to choose between blow drying and air drying, they generally reach a catch 22 Blowers dry VS Natural Drysituation, where there is no one clear winner. To their credit, both options come with their own pros and cons. It all comes down to the trade off a person is ready to make, which in turn, boils down to personal choice. Here is all the information on the advantages and disadvantages of using both the methods and it will help you to get a clearer picture of which method is better suited to your needs.


Effect on the health of the hair

This is one of the most important criteria for choosing a dryer. There are no two ways about it – natural drying or air drying is always better suited for hair health. Air drying locks up the moisture and keeps the cuticles intact. On the other hand, the continuous usage of heat on the hair can damage the cuticles. Cuticles provide a protective coating over the hair and damaged cuticles make the hair look dry and frizzy. With newer technology in the market, the intensity of heat produced by the dryers has reduced and the blow dryers are now much safer to use. However, no heat is always better than any heat treatment on the hair. Air drying is, therefore, a better option to maintain the health of the hair.


Time Consumption

This is where blow drying takes the cake, hands down. It is far more time-saving than air drying. It is more suited to a busy lifestyle that most people have today. Wash your hair, blow dry and you are ready to go. On the other hand, people who have long to medium hair require a couple of hours to dry. So, a person really has to wash the hair at night before and wait it out to dry by the next morning.


Effort Needed

There is no effort that goes into drying the hair via air drying. Just wash them and leave them. However, blow drying requires you to go after every lock of hair and dry it. If you have long and dense hair, it can be quite a tiring exercise. It can put strain on the wrist and fingers too. In the case of air drying, it might need a lot of effort later on to comb the hair, because of the heavy tangles and puffing up of the hair over the night.



Blow dryer is the only way to style your hair after washing them in any which way you want. You can set the hairstyle you just made and keep the shape of the hair as you like. Air dry, of course, can do nothing in this regard. Also, if the hair have been just washed, it becomes really difficult to even tie them in a ponytail and the water droplets are visible on the back, which no one wants. The hair also do not dry out evenly, making it further difficult to do any kind of styling. However, many people do find it easier to straighten hair that are air dried than those that are blow dried.



Air drying generally results in soft hair. This is a result of healthy and smooth cuticles, and the moisture that is intact in the hair. On the other hand, heavy blow drying over a long period of time can result in dry and rough hair. This can be prevented to an extent by applying cosmetics that provide protection to the hair cuticles against the heat of the blow dryer.



Blow dryer is a quick fix to hair drying needs. While it is definitely not healthier than air drying, it is a tool that is a must in the wardrobe of any hair-conscious person. So, which one is better? Blow drying or letting the hair naturally dry. Well, there is no one universal answer. When you have time to spare, air drying is definitely the way to go. It is gentle on the hair and locks in moisture. However, when you are caught up in the everyday hustle or running late for a party, have a blow dryer by your side. There are many blow dryers available in the market that mellow down the intensity of heat, so as to minimize the cuticle damage. Mix the routine and you can have the best of both the worlds.

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